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Happy Anniversary – Product Reviews!

Happy anniversary! Of what you ask? It’s been one month since my last post, duh. In celebration of my negligence, I’d like to share some product insight I’ve gained as of late.


I’ve been using these guys (foundation, concealer, under eye concealer) from Revlon for a while now and I can confidently say they’re… adequate. The coverage is good for people like me who need more coverage, but I’m not crazy about the finish or the fact that the foundation seems to oxidize like two shades darker over time. I don’t even use the foundation by itself, I mix it (like 50/50) with a really light shade. This is also after making sure that I went a little lighter than the Loreal True Match shade I used last. Bottom line, it’s meh, and I’m debating trying out Urban Decay’s foundations after I use this up (yes, I’m the type of person who uses up a product I’m not even a big fan of before I buy something new – poor people problems).


Next, we get into the Christmas presents. While we’re already past Valentine’s Day, at least you know I’ve had plenty of time to use these things. I got the Sigma Dry ‘n Shape, which is the bomb. The only downside is you definitely can’t wash all of your brushes at once, which I like to do, but I guess it’s good for washing your most-used ones at once. It does what it says though – it perfectly dries and shapes your brushes, better than just leaving them on a towel all night. No more frayed bristles or 8 hour dry times ladies!

I also got the Sigma Spa Glove in black. Not gonna lie, this isn’t something I probably would have spent money on on my own, but it does save your hands from getting dried out and prune-y and makes it a lot easier to wash your brushes thoroughly. I just think it’s more of a luxury item that you can do without, but if you hate washing your brushes, this might make it more fun.


Two presents in one picture: Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold Brows Kit, and a TEN, yes TEN pack of mini OPI nail polishes. Can I just…before we get to the brows, I just need to say this pack of ten OPI colors is PERF SMURF if you’re like me and don’t want to spend $10 on nail polish that will dry out before you use all of it. I love the colors that came in it, I love the size, I love how easy OPI polishes go on, ugh. Love.

Okay, brows. I was using Bare Minerals brow products before and I think Anastasia is a step up. The Bare Minerals brow powder is loose, and I’m liking the powder compact with two shades for more dimension. The double-ended brush is nice, although the Bare Minerals brush is a little stiffer and denser, ALTHOUGH you don’t have the spoolie end on that one. The ABH brow gel is lovely; with Bare Minerals, mine was useless for a while because it dried out, but when it was new I felt like so much gel came out on the brush and then it didn’t really lock in your eyebrows. With the ABH gel, the wand and the tube have a magical relationship of understanding so that the wand has just the right amount of gel when you take it out. 5 unicorn horns out of 5.



Lorac Pro Palette! (said in Oprah voice) Loving it. This is competing against my Naked 2 Palette and they are neck and neck. I’ve been playing with the Lorac Pro more though to try out all the colors and I loooove them. I gotta admit, there are a couple colors in the UD Naked 2 that I rarely touch, but with the Lorac Pro I can easily use all of them. Even that blue-ish grey-ish color in the bottom right. It also comes with Lorac shadow primer, which works wonderfully, so there’s another point for Lorac. Naked gets a point for including a double-ended brush though, and another point for the plastic case rather than the papery-cardboardy Lorac one. But overall, the shadows are the bomb-dot-com as far as color and pigmentation.

IMG_5579Last but definitely not least is Living proof, as a whole brand I guess. I got these three products for Christmas (PHD shampoo/conditioner, and texture mist), but I’ve also used two others from the line, and really like everything. I’m all about that sulfate-free life, and trying to protect my hair that I need to blow dry every time I wash it. I can get away with washing it every other day before I get too greasy to handle, but then on day two I need to straighten it and it just seems like my hair cut requires a lot of styling to look halfway decent. Anyway, if celebrities help sell things, and you happen to be a Jennifer Aniston fan, she created this line. And, according to the Ulta salesperson, it’s the only line they carry that uses science (opens eyes wide and waggles fingers for effect) to treat your hair. SCIENCE. (You can get actual info on this from their website.) Basically I just wanted something that actually strengthened and protected my hair for reals and I chose the most expensive shiz out there, but it does what it says, I gotta say.

Alright guys, hopefully you got some needed information here, or maybe you just wanted some light reading material while you avoided doing your taxes. I for one need to finish doing my taxes, so it’s time to go. Peace out!

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