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Disappearances and Licensing

Yes, I’m still alive. Just randomly disappearing as usual. It’s hard to keep up guys; I just finished my third day at my new job in a salon/spa as an esthetician, and am waiting to hear back after an interview for a makeup artist position on a bridal team. (Exciting!) I’m ALSO preparing to take my esthetics licensing test SIGNIFICANTLY earlier than expected. I’ve been over here leisurely living life and trying to learn the new product line at work when I was told, “haha jk your test is next week!” I’m sure that’s what the website would have said if it could talk, but yeah, I picked the location closest to me and saw the dates available and the latest was December 19th. The 18th just happens to work out better for me because I don’t have work the day before, so I can take it after a day off rather than after having closed at work the night before.

10 days people, 10 days. To be honest I’d rather get it over with and be focused on studying for that time rather than have it be a month away; more room for procrastination and less motivation to stay focused. Plus, it’s closer to the time I was actually in school and the information is still fresh in my mind. But seriously, I need to go get my study materials out. Sorry for the continued negligence, but as any deadbeat parent will tell you, I’ll definitely┬ábe back for┬áChristmas. Promise.

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