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Update: Getting out into the Real World

A little update here… I graduated from my esthetics program and got a job offer last week! The job offer is in a salon/spa near me that I think would be a really good fit, although getting comfortable with a totally new skincare line will be interesting. After working with Bioelements in school and getting certified in PCA Skin, and seeing their effectiveness, I’m definitely biased against other lines. The owner raved about the line they use though, and I’m hoping I can learn everything about it and enjoy using it as well.

I’m also hoping to keep doing makeup on a more regular basis, and actually applied for another position doing bridal makeup. I feel like bridal/special occasion makeup and that clientele is the type that’s most appealing to me, and I would love to┬ádo more work in that area.

Overall I’m just happy to finally be done with school and able to start my career, even while I’m “license pending” until January. I can’t wait to see where everything goes!

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