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Random Thought #13

Is it just me or was 2014 the year of the eyebrows?  I swear it was all about eyebrows in the makeup world. I just watched a video from “Makeup Game on Point” and she was talking about how we can say goodbye to super faded, super defined, super highlighted, and super contoured eyebrows. If this is the consensus I am on board, because the nonstop Instagram pictures of “super brows” is getting a little old in my book. Who’s really walking around with those on the reg?

Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

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Random Thought #12

Changing Siri’s voice to United Kingdom English was the best decision I’ve made since quitting my office job to go into esthetics.

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Random Thought #11

You know how when you get a coffee at some places (the types of places where you literally order “a coffee” and not a venti triple espresso drip skim mocha whatever) and they ask, “room for cream?”

Well when you go to the movie theater and get popcorn they should ask, “room for butter?” because come on, I need room to butter, shake, and butter again without making a mess all over the condiment counter.

Maybe if someone had noticed the effort I made last night to clean up after myself at said counter, they would have been inspired to enact a policy change.

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Random Thought #10

The more you try to deny the pumpkin, the stronger the pumpkin gets.

It’s pumpkin-flavored-everything season, and I hadn’t had a single pumpkin thing until last night, when I tried to make a pumpkin smoothie. Since that was a fail, I used the rest of the pumpkin to make pumpkin bread. Yum! Then today my mom brought me a pumpkin cupcake with creamy cream cheese frosting that was A-MAZING. Amazing.

Now it’s all I can think about. What else can I pumpkin-ize and how soon can I get it in my belly?

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Random Thought #9

Does anyone else feel like you’re going along in adulthood, being an adult, stable in your sense of self, and then all the sudden something happens and you’re like, “oh cool I’m 12 again”? I love when someone or something comes along and reminds me of how I felt as a preteen who doesn’t fit in and can’t relate to anyone. Thanks for knocking me down a few rungs; back to making the climb.

On an unrelated note, at what age are you supposed to have it all figured out? 30? I think I have a few years still…

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Lost Post

Guys. I had a whole post finished and ready to publish and then there was a WordPress error and it disappeared. Ughhhhhh it was a longer post that took time to think through and get down and now it’s gone, and that was all the time I had this week to work on a post. Sadness and disappointment 😦

I had to at least post something to say that I put effort in, even though I have nothing to show for it now. I’m so busy and it sucks I just lost all these thoughts I wanted to get out! Moving on I guess… hopefully I can try again soon!

Random Thought #7

I totally understand Tom Hanks’ character in Cast Away creating a relationship with a volleyball. If I’m alone in my apartment for a couple HOURS I’m having imaginary conversations; I can’t even imagine having years to make friends with inanimate objects.

Pooky is my living Wilson.

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Random Thought #6

It’s lose-lose for me when without coffee, I’m struggling to keep my eyes open, and with coffee, I’m hyper-focused on anything that is NOT work.


Happy Monday!


Random Thought #5

It’s really weird realizing that you’re older than the cast of The Real World. Are we sure those people aren’t actually like 28/29? Sure, they act like they’re just out of high school, but some of them look way too old to still be in college.

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