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Happy Anniversary – Product Reviews!

Happy anniversary! Of what you ask? It’s been one month since my last post, duh. In celebration of my negligence, I’d like to share some product insight I’ve gained as of late.


I’ve been using these guys (foundation, concealer, under eye concealer) from Revlon for a while now and I can confidently say they’re… adequate. The coverage is good for people like me who need more coverage, but I’m not crazy about the finish or the fact that the foundation seems to oxidize like two shades darker over time. I don’t even use the foundation by itself, I mix it (like 50/50) with a really light shade. This is also after making sure that I went a little lighter than the Loreal True Match shade I used last. Bottom line, it’s meh, and I’m debating trying out Urban Decay’s foundations after I use this up (yes, I’m the type of person who uses up a product I’m not even a big fan of before I buy something new – poor people problems).


Next, we get into the Christmas presents. While we’re already past Valentine’s Day, at least you know I’ve had plenty of time to use these things. I got the Sigma Dry ‘n Shape, which is the bomb. The only downside is you definitely can’t wash all of your brushes at once, which I like to do, but I guess it’s good for washing your most-used ones at once. It does what it says though – it perfectly dries and shapes your brushes, better than just leaving them on a towel all night. No more frayed bristles or 8 hour dry times ladies!

I also got the Sigma Spa Glove in black. Not gonna lie, this isn’t something I probably would have spent money on on my own, but it does save your hands from getting dried out and prune-y and makes it a lot easier to wash your brushes thoroughly. I just think it’s more of a luxury item that you can do without, but if you hate washing your brushes, this might make it more fun.


Two presents in one picture: Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold Brows Kit, and a TEN, yes TEN pack of mini OPI nail polishes. Can I just…before we get to the brows, I just need to say this pack of ten OPI colors is PERF SMURF if you’re like me and don’t want to spend $10 on nail polish that will dry out before you use all of it. I love the colors that came in it, I love the size, I love how easy OPI polishes go on, ugh. Love.

Okay, brows. I was using Bare Minerals brow products before and I think Anastasia is a step up. The Bare Minerals brow powder is loose, and I’m liking the powder compact with two shades for more dimension. The double-ended brush is nice, although the Bare Minerals brush is a little stiffer and denser, ALTHOUGH you don’t have the spoolie end on that one. The ABH brow gel is lovely; with Bare Minerals, mine was useless for a while because it dried out, but when it was new I felt like so much gel came out on the brush and then it didn’t really lock in your eyebrows. With the ABH gel, the wand and the tube have a magical relationship of understanding so that the wand has just the right amount of gel when you take it out. 5 unicorn horns out of 5.



Lorac Pro Palette! (said in Oprah voice) Loving it. This is competing against my Naked 2 Palette and they are neck and neck. I’ve been playing with the Lorac Pro more though to try out all the colors and I loooove them. I gotta admit, there are a couple colors in the UD Naked 2 that I rarely touch, but with the Lorac Pro I can easily use all of them. Even that blue-ish grey-ish color in the bottom right. It also comes with Lorac shadow primer, which works wonderfully, so there’s another point for Lorac. Naked gets a point for including a double-ended brush though, and another point for the plastic case rather than the papery-cardboardy Lorac one. But overall, the shadows are the bomb-dot-com as far as color and pigmentation.

IMG_5579Last but definitely not least is Living proof, as a whole brand I guess. I got these three products for Christmas (PHD shampoo/conditioner, and texture mist), but I’ve also used two others from the line, and really like everything. I’m all about that sulfate-free life, and trying to protect my hair that I need to blow dry every time I wash it. I can get away with washing it every other day before I get too greasy to handle, but then on day two I need to straighten it and it just seems like my hair cut requires a lot of styling to look halfway decent. Anyway, if celebrities help sell things, and you happen to be a Jennifer Aniston fan, she created this line. And, according to the Ulta salesperson, it’s the only line they carry that uses science (opens eyes wide and waggles fingers for effect) to treat your hair. SCIENCE. (You can get actual info on this from their website.) Basically I just wanted something that actually strengthened and protected my hair for reals and I chose the most expensive shiz out there, but it does what it says, I gotta say.

Alright guys, hopefully you got some needed information here, or maybe you just wanted some light reading material while you avoided doing your taxes. I for one need to finish doing my taxes, so it’s time to go. Peace out!

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Product Review, Re-Review, and Recommendations

I need to begin this post by saying how stupidly busy I’ve been the past couple months, going to school full time and working part time and trying to complete basic life tasks in the leftover time. I’ve finally made it to the last 5 weeks of my esthetics program and I’m happy to say the part time job is no more. I knew it wasn’t going to be a good fit in terms of moving into an esthetician position (from the reception position I had), and who wants to feel stagnant? Not me. Now I have more time to practice makeup outside of school, update my resume, and start looking at where I can work for reals as soon as I graduate. I’m so antsy to get out there and want to get as much experience as possible, and I feel like I have a few opportunities just around the corner. Excitement!

Getting to the point of this post, I had an awesome workout today – the first awesome workout in a few months. While I know it’s not great, I went to my gym with a good amount (read: a lot) of makeup on. I don’t mean in terms of crazy eyeshadow and lipstick, just concealer and foundation. My skin has been especially angry ever since I was on antibiotics and the other meds for my wisdom teeth removal, so I just like going out the door with more coverage.

This brings me to my re-review of L’Oreal True Match Foundation – the bomb dot com guys. I did 30 minutes of strength training, maybe 10 minutes of ab work, and then a 20 minute run plus cool down and I swear you couldn’t tell a difference in my makeup. And I’m not one of those women who don’t sweat. I was sweating just getting ready this morning in my bathroom, so you can bet I sweat while lifting weights and running. Oh, and I sat in the sauna for a few minutes to top it off.

Anyway, I can vouch for the longevity of this makeup. And I wasn’t even wearing my next item to review – Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray:


As many people have heard, this stuff really works. It was especially useful for me when I would be in school and work from 9 am until after 9 pm and needed everything to just stay in place and not melt off halfway through. Steamers are not friendly to makeup and hair.

Next up is Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo:


You probably know you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday, but for my oily scalp I need help even making it to day two. This stuff has the yummiest grapefruit and lime smell, plus it’s made with cornstarch which is super absorbent. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always liked using baby powder over any store-bought dry shampoo I’ve tried, but when I heard about Lush’s dry shampoo, I put it on my birthday list. Now that I’ve been using it for a while, I know it’s a better option than baby powder and way better than anything I’ve tried from drugstore brands. Not only does it really freshen up my hair, but it gives me added volume when I shake it in my hair and don’t brush it out (for those of you who have more volume than you want, you can brush it out).

Finally we have Bioelements Restorative Clay Mask and Oil Control Mattifier:


I’ve mentioned before that Bioelements is the skincare line we use at school, so I’ve become very familiar with it. As someone with oily, breakout-prone skin, the Restorative Clay mask is helpful to me. Clay is an awesome ingredient for sucking up oil and debris in skin types like mine, and paired with the Oil Control Mattifier, I’ve seriously seen a significant difference in the oiliness of my skin. With a mask you might already know that you can use that once a week or so to get its benefits, but this Mattifier product was something I had never heard of before school. You use it everyday under your moisturizer, so I cleanse, tone, apply the Mattifier, moisturize, and do my makeup as usual. I swear to you, I noticed a big difference the first time I used it.

This article explains the top reasons for oily skin, and also explains the science behind this Bioelements Mattifier. I should be a brand rep for Bioelements (I’m not), but I really love the line and this product because they (and it) are effective.

As a sidenote, that website I linked to ( is an awesome resource for basic and in-depth, reliable info on the skin and other related topics. I’ve found so many interesting and informative articles and I’ve been thinking about sharing them, along with other things I’ve learned, on this blog. Maybe that way I won’t make crazy long, review/explanation of product posts… oops.

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BH Cosmetics Birthday Haul!

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I was starting to slowly build my makeup kit. Emphasis on slowly. Well I took advantage of my birthday over a month ago and stocked up on some awesome things from BH Cosmetics! I’m loving everything and still working on trying everything out and playing with all these new colors I’ve never used before, but I still have a long way to go. I DO know enough about the quality to speak about the products overall though, so let’s get to it.

BH Day and Night Palette: I’ll just start by saying what everyone knows if they’ve used colors from BH Cosmetics before; they’re very pigmented. Eyeshadows, blush, lipsticks, all very pigmented. Beyond that, I wanted this palette for the mixture of matte and shimmery colors that are a little more bold and useful for, obviously, a day or night look, beyond 88 Matte Shadow Palette shown below. The colors are just really pretty to be honest, and that bright, bright pink in the middle IS actually that color on the skin.


10 Color Professional Blush Palette: I wanted a variety of blushes and was just feelin’ these colors over the Glamorous Blush Palette. I’ve probably tried half of them so far and I could see myself using them all on different clients for different looks.


28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette: Although I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and get some very different colors, I also wanted a solid neutrals palette. This is a mixture of matte and shimmery.


88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette, BH Party Girl Palette, and 6 Color Contour & Blush Palette: I also wanted to get one palette that had the varying shades of the same colors, like the 88 Matte Palette has. I’m loving the Party Girl Palette for the same reasons I love the Day and Night Palette, and I really needed a contour palette as well.



Creme Luxe Lipstick in Berry Bite, Moody Merlot, Pop Cultured, Te Amo, Toasted, and Naked Peach (not pictured, oops!): Surprisingly long-wearing! I love how the lipsticks go on (very opaque) and I love that they actually have staying power. I was surprised to try out one of the darker colors for the first time and even hours later after running some errands and drinking, the color didn’t fade. I think it finally had to come off when I ate a giant, messy burger for dinner (my last meal before getting wisdom teeth out), but I was impressed. And for a couple dollars, come on.

Now that I feel like I’ve stocked up on some solid BH Cosmetics products, and have a good starter set of brushes from Crown Brush, I’m looking towards trying out Makeup Geek. Come October I might fill out my brush collection a little more and try some eyeshadows and/or pigments for sure. After seeing so many positive reviews and seeing their prices, it would be stupid not to, right? Right.

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Mini Ulta Haul Review

Talk about delayed posts. Every time I went to get this one done I’d either get interrupted or fall asleep or just not get to it because of school/work. Mostly work. I blame work. But here we are, and I’m plenty experienced with the products I bought like a month ago in order to give a review. Let’s get to it.


Starting with Loreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup (W4). I’m really liking this switch from the Neutrogena I was using before. It is most definitely “super blendable;” that’s the best part about it. You can use so little, and if you keep buffing it around you’ll get a really nice, even coverage without feeling it.

It took me a couple uses to notice that you really only need a small amount for your whole face, and I’m needing the coverage right now since my skin’s going through this phase of insanity (trading out the harsh skincare regimen I was using before starting esthetics + getting facial treatments that bring everything to the surface + stress from making a big life change/being a type A person = hopefully some good before and after pictures?)

The same product in concealer form gets just as positive a review; I decided to get a shade lighter than the foundation and use it as a highlighter. It definitely does the job well.

Then we get to the Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner, that apparently is everyone’s favorite. My only complaint about it is that it’s not as super opaque black as I’d like when it dries. Anyone else notice that? Or are you just using more? I use the brush that came with it and the positive is that it’s super easy to apply.

I’m gonna go ahead and skip to the NYX Studio Liquid Liner, because I need to compare this to the Maybelline liner. They both have their pros and cons. Where Maybelline lacks, NYX excels, and vice versa.


Pro: The NYX liner is SUPER opaque; like perfectly opaque. It also seems that once it’s on, it’s ON, and won’t rub off (only bad if you make a mistake!). Con: the formula is kind of sticky? or something, because if (when) it gets in my eyelashes, it makes them stick together. Obviously this is more user error than anything, but I try to get it right up to my eyelashes because any skin that shows through, even between my eyelashes, really seems to show through. I think Maybelline creeps in there and is like “hey I’ll take care of that for you,” and NYX is like “yeah you missed a spot, better take care of that.”

Also I just really need to practice a steady hand with the liquid liner; any and all mistakes show up easily.

Moving on! There’s a NYX Lip Liner in the top picture that is the bomb dot com. It seems to make the lip color stay better when I line my lips and then fill them in a little too. I’m also loving the NYX Matte Lipstick, more than the Butter Lipstick for sure. I like the matte look, but it’s also a lot more opaque than the Butter.

It may look like I got three of them from the pictures, but I really have two: Couture and Spirit. Couture definitely is a pink, although they’re both on the nude side. Spirit definitely has yellow undertones, and with the yellow undertones in my skin, this one comes off as more of a true nude on me than Couture.

And finally: NYX Baked Blush in Journey. Sometimes I just like to use this because the packaging is fun. Not to say I don’t love the blush; I do, and it makes me a little brighter than the BareMinerals shade of blush I’ve been using for quite a while.

Overall, loving everything, but I definitely want to practice/play with the liners more. If I master this liquid liner thing, everyone will hear about it for sure.

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SkinStore + BioElements Shout Out

Happy early 4th of July, American readers! Today I felt the need to share an awesome customer experience I just had. A little background: in my Esthetics program we use BioElements exclusively for skin care products. After using it and having it used on my skin in the program, I love BioElements! I’ve been wanting to order a set of products to replace my current skin regimen, so I’ve been shopping around on the BioElements site, and other places that sell their products. Yesterday I came across an awesome deal on, and could not pass it up.

I have pretty oily skin, and the BioElements Starter Kit for oily and very oily skin had exactly what I wanted (knowing my skin and knowing about their whole line of professional and at-home-use products). This included the Decongestant Cleanser, Equalizer toner, Beyond Hydration moisturizer, and included a free, full-size Measured Micrograins exfoliator. Both BioElements and SkinStore offer you three free samples, and both sell this set of four products for about $95 (which saves you about $40 if you buy each individually). The difference was that I found a promo code for SkinStore that was 20% off your purchase, and it ended today, July 2nd, so I didn’t even hesitate (JUNE20 for anyone who wants to use it today!) PLUS I got free shipping and there was no tax!

The EXTRA awesome part about my SkinStore order was that I placed it at 11:44 am yesterday, I received a notification that it shipped at 4:01 pm, and the FedEx guy delivered it to my door this morning at 10 am! (I have this week off of school so I’ve been home during the day.) Now that’s fast (and that was the free, ground shipping option too!). I opened up the box super excited to start my new skin regimen earlier than expected. Here’s what I got:

IMG_4412There’s the box that the set comes in; there are Starter Kits for other skin types as well (Dry/Very Dry, Sensitive, Combination…)


Here are the four BioElements products I’m starting with. Yes, a lot of their products come in glass containers. Wish my clumsy hands luck! I haven’t dropped anything in school yet so I’m hoping I’ll be okay.


And here are the three samples I got, with a product booklet from SkinStore. The samples are Whish Flawless Post Wax & Shave Serum, MyBody Calm After the Storm Soothing + De-puffing Eye Cream, and Reve de Miel Face Cleansing & Make-up Removing Gel.

I had never heard of any of these samples before SkinStore, but I noticed their full-size versions are pretty darn expensive. I’m super excited to get started with my new products and try out the samples, especially after such a positive customer experience with SkinStore. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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Out of Darkness Comes Light…or New Favorite Products

Alright guys, let’s get gross. I was sick recently, and it was the kind of cold where you just feel like a giant bucket of mucus. An ear, nose, and throat doctor would have had a field day on my ears, nose, and throat because they were all causing me pain. On top of it, I had “sick lips,” where my lips feel so dry and cracked and no matter how much Carmex I layer on or water I drink, it’s like there’s an invisible barrier that prevents any absorption.

I had to go to Target to pick up a couple things, one of them being a new little bottle of hand sanitizer to throw in my purse (inspired by constant nose drippings), and I was browsing their “travel size” section. I did not find a mini bottle of hand sanitizer, but what DID catch my eye was this little baby nugget of awesome:


*angels singing*

Something about this tiny, adorable package of lip balm caught my eye, plus the description of “soft, pink lips” alone made me feel soothed. Then there was a price tag under $2, and I was sold. Sweet relief was on it’s way!

And let me tell you, it didn’t take long. This stuff is pretty thick, as you can imagine from Vaseline, but it feels like once you put it on, it starts absorbing. With Carmex I can keep rubbing it around on my lips and they stay slick and “Carmexy.” Don’t get me wrong, Carmex was my go-to chapstick, but this was before I was shown the light. Or I showed myself the light. I stumbled across the light in a Target.

I had faith in this product right away, but the real test of chapstick/lip balm is the overnight test.*

*I interrupt this broadcast to notify you that I just realized Chapstick is only a brand name and not a general thing…like how BandAid is a brand name for adhesive bandages. Crap! In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve said things like “Carmex chapstick.” Okay, moving on…

So I layered this pink goodness on before bed the night I bought it, meth-lips and all, and I’m not kidding you, I woke up with better lips than I had even before I got sick. In fact, before I got sick I was like, I need to invest in some type of lip scrub to really get smooth, luscious lips. UNNECESSARY. Just go out and get it already, it’s a dollar and a half. A DOLLAR AND A HALF and all your lip dreams will come true.

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NYX Reviews and Comparisons

I recently bought a few NYX products I really wanted to try, and I have a few more on my list still, but I thought I’d give a little review now that I’ve been using them for a couple weeks.


Starting with the NYX Pore Filler: Honestly, I don’t notice any difference in my pores, and that’s disappointing because my nose has some monstrosities. It feels super smooth and seems to make my skin feel the same way, but looks-wise, I don’t see any difference unfortunately. I think it was also recommended for use under their BB cream, which is another product I want to try, but I used it under another brand of BB cream and still didn’t see any difference. Not really worth the extra step in your routine.

NYX Butter Lipstick in Candy Buttons: The product description on the site says “full, yet lightweight coverage with a luxurious satin finish,” which I only found to be partially true. It does have a nice buttery feel, but the coverage isn’t as opaque as I want in lipstick, and you definitely have to build it up. Personally, I need something more long-wearing as well, because apparently I have an incessant need to purse, smack, and chew on my lips. I’m chewing the inside of my lips as I type; gross.

Super Skinny Eye Marker in Carbon Black: As a beginner at liquid liner, this is perfect for me, EXCEPT for the need to build it up. I find myself shaking the pen a lot to get more to come out so it’s opaque black; otherwise it comes out sheer at times (which no one would want, right? weird). I even store it with the marker side down, hoping it’ll keep all the liquid towards the tip. I guess a potentially good thing, as a beginner, is that it’s really easy to smudge off mistakes before it dries. Overall, very easy to use, but once it runs out I’ll give a different brand a shot.

NYX Wonder Pencil in Light: It claims to be able to conceal blemishes, act as a lip liner, and brighten eyes when used on the water line. I was never really interested in using a pencil as a concealer, so I have to admit I didn’t even try that. Used on the water line though? Love. White liner seems to harsh on me, but this is awesome, and I think it stays put pretty well. In terms of a lip liner, I’ve only used it to line before using the Butter Lipstick, and that stuff really does seem to just melt over it. If Butter Lipstick were a sloppy drunk girl, the Wonder Pencil would be the sober friend who can’t completely control her despite her best efforts.

NYX Fresh Face Blotting Paper – I mean…it’s fine. It does the job satisfactorily. I would like to apologize to E.L.F. Shine Eraser Oil Blotting Sheets…I miss you! I’m coming back, I swear! (and for only $1, why would I not?)


BBBBBonus Review!

Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Cleansing Facial Wipes: Major disappointment. Major. This sounded so promising with it’s claims of being natural and good for the skin, but no, not good. #1, do not like the smell. I usually read reviews where people complain about the smell of the product and think who cares, but it’s such a weird smell. #2, the wipes feel harsh and not soft on your face, so they’re not enjoyable to use and I hate the feeling these have when I’m wiping off my makeup. #3, my skin does not feel or look good after using them. It says there’s no alcohol in these, but they’re still drying and leave a bad texture on my skin (like to the point of some serious flakiness).

Follow up recommendation: E.L.F. Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths. OMG are these insanely better on all levels, plus they’re only $3. So soft, no smell, and takes all my makeup off. Not that I’m advocating this, but if I were to only use a wipe to take off my makeup, and then go to bed without putting a single other product on my face, I would wake up loving my skin. I know because this has happened more than a handful of times. And I have some annoying skin…it will break out and be dry and flaky at the same time, or seem to refuse any moisture in the morning but be super oily later in the day. These wipes…these wipes… (Robert De Niro) are awesome at removing makeup and seem to completely balance out dryness and oiliness.

Sorry I cheated on you twice, E.L.F. Please forgive me.

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Podcasts: Sharing is Caring

I’ve gotten so into podcasts in the past couple months. Almost a year ago, my brother introduced me to the first podcast I’d ever listened to, called My Brother, My Brother and Me. I ended up going into their archives for the old episodes and eventually listened to all of them (currently at 172).

I started really seeking out new podcasts after I started my current job around three months ago. Because I work in an office on a computer, I often require added stimulation to keep me focused on the glowing screens. Music isn’t enough, and I can get as into certain podcasts as I can a good book.

I thought I’d share a few that I think are consistently engaging, enlightening, and/or funny, because who doesn’t want to pack as much awesomeness in their life as possible?

MBMBAM: the brothers McElroy are hilarious, and the show is the three of them giving “expert” advice to people who send in life questions.

Comedy Bang Bang: host Scott Aukerman has multiple guests on each episode, often with one playing a character who interrupts the conversation of the others. Getting to know the recurring characters has been one of the best things about this podcast.

The Nerdist: Chris Hardwick interviews his entertainment-industry guests in a relaxed, conversational way that is sometimes funny and sometimes serious, but always intriguing.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour: the newest edition of my podcasts on rotation, with Paul Gilmartin interviewing guests from the entertainment industry who have experience with mental illness. It’s extremely interesting to listen to people’s stories and insights, with some humor included in a topic some might not think would have any.

I have some others I check out less frequently, but are definitely worth mentioning, like Stuff to Blow Your Mind and Freakonomics Radio. Anyone else listening to a great podcast you’d like to share?

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Review: Naked 2

Head’s up: this post is clearly directed towards males.

I thought the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette was new until I actually did some research and found out it’s been out for quite a while. It feels exciting and new to me though, so I’m sharing. I couldn’t bring myself to spend $50 on any makeup item myself, but it just so happens to be my birthday in a couple weeks and I received this early present:


I’m obsessed with the colors. I liked them initially but after I actually used them…impressed. They’re very pigmented, so you don’t need to use a lot, but they’re also very easy to blend and build on. Having had this whole week to use the palette in the morning before work, I can also say that the shadows will stay put through the day.


Rather than experiment myself first, I wanted some tips for the best color combinations and techniques with this palette specifically. Who else would I go to except all the lovely ladies of YouTube who make makeup tutorials? I did a basic search for the palette and used a different video each day.

These are my finds, all of which I ended up liking (some are more nighttime type looks that I went lighter on for work):

Monday: Probably involves the heaviest shadow

Tuesday : Described as an “Easy Elegant Eye” tutorial

Wednesday : Loved this one. One of the evening ones I need to try again on the weekend.

Thursday : Perfect easy look for work

Friday: This is the other one that tied for my favorite, but definitely have to try this smokey eye look on the weekend.

I’ve been all about finding the cheaper, drugstore version of high-end brands lately, but I couldn’t resist with the Naked 2 palette and know I’ll get all the use out of it I can. Any other awesome tutorials or techniques you want to share? Tell me!

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Review: Neutrogena Makeup

I started using bareMinerals makeup sometime in high school, so it’s accurate to say I had been using it for almost 10 years until a couple weeks ago. Wow, I feel old. Anyway, I’ve gotten sucked into so many makeup videos on YouTube and seen how a lot of makeup brands have introduced better-for-your-skin products, and I started to consider trying something new. I liked bareMinerals products, but the foundation wasn’t doing my skin any favors (not that I expected any cover-up product to improve my skin), and at the end of the day, literally, it didn’t really hold up the way I’d like.

I wasn’t sold on anything until I found Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. There were so many super-positive reviews that I decided to give it a shot, and I was even more convinced when I tried it in the store. I basically put a little on my skin, walked around the store, looked back, and saw that it had blended in really well and I could barely tell it was even on. For $13, I grabbed a bottle and then also found an Eco Tools foundation brush for under $8.


It’s been two weeks and I love this makeup. I already feel like not only does it still look the same after 8+ hours, but my skin looks and feels better than it did two weeks ago. I’ll update if my skin suddenly breaks out in a rage of awfulness, but it’s only been improving so far.

Full disclosure, I also use e.l.f. Studio Duo Concealer/Highlighter (only $3, for a little pre-foundation touch up and highlighting), and bareMinerals Mineral Veil to keep the shininess at bay. I’ve had to use the little concealer tube less and less, but I think I’ll always need a powder at the end for the light reflector that is my face. I’ll definitely be looking for a cheaper replacement once I run out of the Mineral Veil, and I’m thinking of another Neutrogena or e.l.f. product for sure. But that’s a post for another time!

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