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Disappearances and Licensing

Yes, I’m still alive. Just randomly disappearing as usual. It’s hard to keep up guys; I just finished my third day at my new job in a salon/spa as an esthetician, and am waiting to hear back after an interview for a makeup artist position on a bridal team. (Exciting!) I’m ALSO preparing to take my esthetics licensing test SIGNIFICANTLY earlier than expected. I’ve been over here leisurely living life and trying to learn the new product line at work when I was told, “haha jk your test is next week!” I’m sure that’s what the website would have said if it could talk, but yeah, I picked the location closest to me and saw the dates available and the latest was December 19th. The 18th just happens to work out better for me because I don’t have work the day before, so I can take it after a day off rather than after having closed at work the night before.

10 days people, 10 days. To be honest I’d rather get it over with and be focused on studying for that time rather than have it be a month away; more room for procrastination and less motivation to stay focused. Plus, it’s closer to the time I was actually in school and the information is still fresh in my mind. But seriously, I need to go get my study materials out. Sorry for the continued negligence, but as any deadbeat parent will tell you, I’ll definitely be back for Christmas. Promise.

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Update: Getting out into the Real World

A little update here… I graduated from my esthetics program and got a job offer last week! The job offer is in a salon/spa near me that I think would be a really good fit, although getting comfortable with a totally new skincare line will be interesting. After working with Bioelements in school and getting certified in PCA Skin, and seeing their effectiveness, I’m definitely biased against other lines. The owner raved about the line they use though, and I’m hoping I can learn everything about it and enjoy using it as well.

I’m also hoping to keep doing makeup on a more regular basis, and actually applied for another position doing bridal makeup. I feel like bridal/special occasion makeup and that clientele is the type that’s most appealing to me, and I would love to do more work in that area.

Overall I’m just happy to finally be done with school and able to start my career, even while I’m “license pending” until January. I can’t wait to see where everything goes!

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Graduation is Approaching!

Guys… I’m graduating from my esthetics program in a week. I passed my final hands-on and written exams with A’s and all I have to do is finish out my hours and hand in a giant binder of assignments (which I’m currently procrastinating on but mostly done with). I can’t wait to put this education to use and get back to making money! I have a few different options I’m looking into for jobs, and also want to do more makeup on a freelance basis, but I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll have something soon. Now that my testing is done, I just want to get my binder assignments squared away and am excited to not be working for free anymore (once I’m not at school…my motivation to take clients here has dropped since I finished my sign-offs two weeks ago!). Obviously practice is always a good thing, but you know… I’m ready to move on.

Clearly I haven’t been sticking to my claims of posting more consistently, because I keep thinking things are about to slow down and then they don’t. But I’ll get there… hopefully.

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New Theme, New Focus

I changed things up a little bit peeps. Now that I have a little more time on my hands to focus on some things I’ve been neglecting (my workouts, my blog, my sleep), I wanted to play around with the look and format of things. I’m looking forward to getting some ideas down on paper/laptop screen so much so that this post seems like a waste of time. Like why don’t you just get to it instead of talking about what you’re going to do? Because I’m stalling. But seriously, I’m planning on sharing some super interesting things I’ve learned that maybe someone else will also find interesting and we can do a digital high-five because of shared interests. Or not, it’s cool. Just smile and nod.

Seriously, feel free to send me suggestions or questions or like a “hey, do you know anything about this product or skin thing or what causes this other nonsense because I’m not sure and maybe you would know since you have some education in some stuff?” Or just a topic idea for me to research since I enjoy researching and browsing articles and soaking up as much information as possible so I can be the most badass esthetician ever, eventually.

And because I want to give real, reliable information that’s not just based on my personal opinion or experience, but based on legit things…you know, like science…so as not to spread myths and folklore and old wive’s tales and otherwise nonsensical nonsense. Yeah.

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Life and Wisdom Teeth

You’d think if it was so common for people to feel like they have so many things to do and so little time, that we would eventually adapt and come up with better ways to manage time.

Having my two wisdom teeth out last Saturday has forced me to really do nothing and not think about things I have to do. Has anyone else had this surgery? I had never had any type of surgery or been put under so I had no idea what it would be like or how well I recover from these things. Now I know, apparently I recover slowly, because I still have a lot of pain and my face is still super swollen. Plus this liquid diet is getting old, and branching out to tiny, tiny nibbles of a muffin today was more painful than I thought. You never notice all the muscles you use in basic movements until it hurts to use them.

Anyway, I really just wanted to write a quick post and not completely neglect my blog. If anyone has any suggestions for how you balance school/work responsibilities, relationships, basic maintenance/bill paying-type responsibilities, plus trying to have time for yourself and keep up with a blog, I would love more ideas. (As long as you include sleep into your schedule too…before the surgery my sleep was extremely lacking!)

I’ve had a little list of fun posts I want to share, as soon as I can set aside some more time to get to them!

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SkinStore + BioElements Shout Out

Happy early 4th of July, American readers! Today I felt the need to share an awesome customer experience I just had. A little background: in my Esthetics program we use BioElements exclusively for skin care products. After using it and having it used on my skin in the program, I love BioElements! I’ve been wanting to order a set of products to replace my current skin regimen, so I’ve been shopping around on the BioElements site, and other places that sell their products. Yesterday I came across an awesome deal on, and could not pass it up.

I have pretty oily skin, and the BioElements Starter Kit for oily and very oily skin had exactly what I wanted (knowing my skin and knowing about their whole line of professional and at-home-use products). This included the Decongestant Cleanser, Equalizer toner, Beyond Hydration moisturizer, and included a free, full-size Measured Micrograins exfoliator. Both BioElements and SkinStore offer you three free samples, and both sell this set of four products for about $95 (which saves you about $40 if you buy each individually). The difference was that I found a promo code for SkinStore that was 20% off your purchase, and it ended today, July 2nd, so I didn’t even hesitate (JUNE20 for anyone who wants to use it today!) PLUS I got free shipping and there was no tax!

The EXTRA awesome part about my SkinStore order was that I placed it at 11:44 am yesterday, I received a notification that it shipped at 4:01 pm, and the FedEx guy delivered it to my door this morning at 10 am! (I have this week off of school so I’ve been home during the day.) Now that’s fast (and that was the free, ground shipping option too!). I opened up the box super excited to start my new skin regimen earlier than expected. Here’s what I got:

IMG_4412There’s the box that the set comes in; there are Starter Kits for other skin types as well (Dry/Very Dry, Sensitive, Combination…)


Here are the four BioElements products I’m starting with. Yes, a lot of their products come in glass containers. Wish my clumsy hands luck! I haven’t dropped anything in school yet so I’m hoping I’ll be okay.


And here are the three samples I got, with a product booklet from SkinStore. The samples are Whish Flawless Post Wax & Shave Serum, MyBody Calm After the Storm Soothing + De-puffing Eye Cream, and Reve de Miel Face Cleansing & Make-up Removing Gel.

I had never heard of any of these samples before SkinStore, but I noticed their full-size versions are pretty darn expensive. I’m super excited to get started with my new products and try out the samples, especially after such a positive customer experience with SkinStore. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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Esthetician in Training

Oh man…it’s the start of the second week in my esthetician program, guys. I need to get more of a routine down so I can get some homework time in and also get to bed at a decent time, in addition to all the other stuff I need to do, but that’s about to get even more challenging…because I’m starting a new job in two days!

Late last week I accepted a position at a really nice salon/spa near me, where I’ll primarily be working in guest services. In addition to the relief of knowing I’ll have some money coming in, I’m also super excited because they know I’m in an esthetician program with an interest in makeup, so they’ll be holding makeup classes for me to be able to do makeup applications as well. That should start in another week or two, so I’ll be getting some solid experience with makeup way earlier than expected! They also seem supportive of the possibility of me transitioning to an esthetician position once I’m licensed, and that’s a huge bonus as well. Kinda feels like everything’s falling into place…

In terms of the program, I feel like I learned so much in my first five days, and this week has already started off the same. It’s crazy to feel so excited in the morning about what I’m going to learn that day and what we’re going to do. I gave a hand and foot treatment on the first day, and I’ve already given three or four facials. It’s also extremely awesome that we get to experience all these things for ourselves too…and I’ll be getting my second facial tomorrow. Better skin, here I come (eventually).

The skin analysis we performed on everyone today, jeez was that a lot to take in. As we learned, everyone has their skin conditions and it’s rare to see someone come in with “normal” type skin that has no issues, but it was still a little rough hearing about the stuff I already knew PLUS what they can see with the Wood’s lamp (it looks like a blacklight and shows everything that’s going on with your skin, including things that are under the surface just waiting to show themselves). For the love of God, people, take care of your skin and always wear sunblock!

Anyway, it is way past grandma’s bedtime, so I’ll leave you with a picture of some amazing sangria I made over Memorial Day weekend (and maybe a post to follow with how I made it):IMG_4308

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Esthetician on the Way

Now that it’s only about a week away, I wanted to share some news that I’m suuuuuuuper excited about! This past Friday was my last day at the corporate job which sucked all happiness and satisfaction out of my life, so that’s step one of this new, thrilling chapter of my life. Step two was just inserted today, because I just got another job interview for tomorrow morning (yay!). But step three (drumroll please) is that next Monday is my first day in a full-time esthetician program!

I CANNOT wait. This has been about three-four months of having this idea, researching, planning, and also suffering through this job that I hated in order to save up as much money as I could. And now it’s finally here!! I’m looking forward to learning as much about skincare and makeup as possible, and to building a career that is what I want it to be, not what others want or what some people think it “should” be. It feels like I’m finally doing what I want to do for myself, for authentic reasons, and because I also know what I don’t want.

If I had planned this better I might have shared a few of the awesome blogs I started reading from people who already have the experience of going through an esthetician program, of being an esthetician and/or makeup artist, and of what you can do as a licensed esthetician or professional makeup artist for those who don’t fully know. But I’ll just say that reading about other people’s experiences and hearing encouragement from people in that arena (through the interwebs and in real life) has really fueled my inspiration and reassured me when I’ve encountered doubt (or general non-enthusiasm) from others.

A tiny bit of background. I have a BA in psychology and an MA in clinical counseling, that I worked for with the intention of getting my clinical license and eventually having my own private practice. I went a little Water for Elephants on everyone when I sat for the licensing exam (passed), and graduated and then ran away to join the circus (get a desk job). The difference is that I didn’t run away to a crazy circus job where I was able to transfer my veterinary skills, I ran away to a crazy circus job (actually two) where I was hating everything and not doing anything I wanted to. Anyway, I don’t want to focus on the negative side of things in this post; maybe at some point I’ll feel like explaining how I realized it wasn’t my dream to have a private practice, or talking about the various forms of criticism I’ve received and sexism I’ve encountered, etc., but let’s keep our eyes forward, shall we?

I cannot wait to connect with more people who are on their way to a career in this field or have a career in this field. I don’t know many people in real life who are pursuing the same thing, although it’s kind of funny that I often hear “oh my sister/friend/great-cousin-in-law does that!” when I tell people what I’m going to be doing. And I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to be doing yet, either.

Right now, based on my interests and zero professional experience, I’m about a 50/50 split between skincare and makeup. I see myself starting out in a salon or spa and also building a freelance makeup business on the side. I love the creativity involved in makeup artistry and I spend a lot of time watching some of the awesome makeup gurus on YouTube, but I also love focusing on the skin and how to keep it healthy. Plus I’ll be able to put my degrees to use in a way that is fulfilling to me. It’s win-win!

I’m just really pumped to put a lot of work into something that I’m passionate about. It seriously feels like a new chapter in my life of living more authentically and having a career that reflects who I am. That feels HUGE to me. I’ll definitely be sharing here, and maybe people will be interested the way I was when I was researching esthetics, or maybe I’ll just be creating a record for myself to read in the future. Either way is fine.

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Pre-Workout Oops

When you step outside shirtless because you think you’re wearing a sports bra and then look down to see you’re wearing a regular bra…

**bows head in shame due to lack of coverage and goes inside**

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Means to an End

Is it easier to get through something negative when you know what the end date is or when you don’t know? I thought for sure it was easier when you know the end date, but I’m starting to wonder…

When you know the end date, I think  you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and maybe feel more hopeful. The situation might be miserable, but you know when it will be over and can look forward to that time.

When you don’t know the end date, I think the potential to feel hopeless is greater because the situation could feel never-ending. However, what came to me is that maybe survival-mode kicks in and you start to unconsciously believe that it’s not as bad as you previously thought. Like cognitive dissonance. At least, I think that’s what would be a healthy reaction. If you think the situation you’re in could be long-term or unavoidable, you might find reasons to be okay with it or at least tolerate it in order to cope.

I guess this depends on the situation too. In my case, I’m relating it to having a job that I dread going to every day. I know that I need to stick it out and should focus on the relief I feel knowing that it’s only temporary, but at times it seems even harder to stay focused because I’ve had to care less and less to keep my stress level down. And with this job, it’s a challenge! I tend to be an anxious person, if I haven’t mentioned that previously, and that can be a good thing or a bad thing. On the good end, it is a motivating factor that pushes me farther, and on the bad end, it’s debilitating and prevents me from enjoying the present moment at all. The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle! But really.

I’ve been told to see the job situation as a means to an end, and I’m relieved that I have a bright, exciting light at the end of the tunnel. I’d also like to be able to enjoy the ride there and not feel like I need to live in the future to get through though!

Just pondering this silliness, don’t mind me.

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