Just a Little Yummy

I really felt the need to share this new little creation from my kitchen. I regularly eat this tuna salad-type mixture on it’s own, but something on Pinterest inspired me to spice it up for myself.

Boop, hello open-faced sandwich. (That’s what you’d call it right?)

Maybe it doesn’t look amazing, but I freakin’ love tomatoes and an excuse to put something on bread. The cucumber added some extra crunch too. And TBH, this organic bread I randomly picked up at Whole Foods is the bomb dot com, even though I ended up spending way too much on groceries last week.

To make my easy tuna mixture, I take a can (I use the larger cans of tuna – 22 grams of protein!!) and like a squirt of mayo, if that was an official measurement. I add a small pinch of cumin and a big pinch of dill, and mix that up. Like I said, I’ve been eating that by itself for a while but now my life has been upgraded.

Toast some bread, slice some cucumber and a Roma tomato, and you have yourself the perfect post-workout munchie. Makes you forget all about the protein shake you just made yourself chug. Plus, I realized having a cucumber and a couple tomatoes added to my grocery list each week is only costing a couple bucks. Worth it!

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