Graduation is Approaching!

Guys… I’m graduating from my esthetics program in a week. I passed my final hands-on and written exams with A’s and all I have to do is finish out my hours and hand in a giant binder of assignments (which I’m currently procrastinating on but mostly done with). I can’t wait to put this education to use and get back to making money! I have a few different options I’m looking into for jobs, and also want to do more makeup on a freelance basis, but I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll have something soon. Now that my testing is done, I just want to get my binder assignments squared away and am excited to not be working for free anymore (once I’m not at school…my motivation to take clients here has dropped since I finished my sign-offs two weeks ago!). Obviously practice is always a good thing, but you know… I’m ready to move on.

Clearly I haven’t been sticking to my claims of posting more consistently, because I keep thinking things are about to slow down and then they don’t. But I’ll get there… hopefully.

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