New Theme, New Focus

I changed things up a little bit peeps. Now that I have a little more time on my hands to focus on some things I’ve been neglecting (my workouts, my blog, my sleep), I wanted to play around with the look and format of things. I’m looking forward to getting some ideas down on paper/laptop screen so much so that this post seems like a waste of time. Like why don’t you just get to it instead of talking about what you’re going to do? Because I’m stalling. But seriously, I’m planning on sharing some super interesting things I’ve learned that maybe someone else will also find interesting and we can do a digital high-five because of shared interests. Or not, it’s cool. Just smile and nod.

Seriously, feel free to send me suggestions or questions or like a “hey, do you know anything about this product or skin thing or what causes this other nonsense because I’m not sure and maybe you would know since you have some education in some stuff?” Or just a topic idea for me to research since I enjoy researching and browsing articles and soaking up as much information as possible so I can be the most badass esthetician ever, eventually.

And because I want to give real, reliable information that’s not just based on my personal opinion or experience, but based on legit things…you know, like science…so as not to spread myths and folklore and old wive’s tales and otherwise nonsensical nonsense. Yeah.

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