Mini Ulta Haul Review

Talk about delayed posts. Every time I went to get this one done I’d either get interrupted or fall asleep or just not get to it because of school/work. Mostly work. I blame work. But here we are, and I’m plenty experienced with the products I bought like a month ago in order to give a review. Let’s get to it.


Starting with Loreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup (W4). I’m really liking this switch from the Neutrogena I was using before. It is most definitely “super blendable;” that’s the best part about it. You can use so little, and if you keep buffing it around you’ll get a really nice, even coverage without feeling it.

It took me a couple uses to notice that you really only need a small amount for your whole face, and I’m needing the coverage right now since my skin’s going through this phase of insanity (trading out the harsh skincare regimen I was using before starting esthetics + getting facial treatments that bring everything to the surface + stress from making a big life change/being a type A person = hopefully some good before and after pictures?)

The same product in concealer form gets just as positive a review; I decided to get a shade lighter than the foundation and use it as a highlighter. It definitely does the job well.

Then we get to the Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner, that apparently is everyone’s favorite. My only complaint about it is that it’s not as super opaque black as I’d like when it dries. Anyone else notice that? Or are you just using more? I use the brush that came with it and the positive is that it’s super easy to apply.

I’m gonna go ahead and skip to the NYX Studio Liquid Liner, because I need to compare this to the Maybelline liner. They both have their pros and cons. Where Maybelline lacks, NYX excels, and vice versa.


Pro: The NYX liner is SUPER opaque; like perfectly opaque. It also seems that once it’s on, it’s ON, and won’t rub off (only bad if you make a mistake!). Con: the formula is kind of sticky? or something, because if (when) it gets in my eyelashes, it makes them stick together. Obviously this is more user error than anything, but I try to get it right up to my eyelashes because any skin that shows through, even between my eyelashes, really seems to show through. I think Maybelline creeps in there and is like “hey I’ll take care of that for you,” and NYX is like “yeah you missed a spot, better take care of that.”

Also I just really need to practice a steady hand with the liquid liner; any and all mistakes show up easily.

Moving on! There’s a NYX Lip Liner in the top picture that is the bomb dot com. It seems to make the lip color stay better when I line my lips and then fill them in a little too. I’m also loving the NYX Matte Lipstick, more than the Butter Lipstick for sure. I like the matte look, but it’s also a lot more opaque than the Butter.

It may look like I got three of them from the pictures, but I really have two: Couture and Spirit. Couture definitely is a pink, although they’re both on the nude side. Spirit definitely has yellow undertones, and with the yellow undertones in my skin, this one comes off as more of a true nude on me than Couture.

And finally: NYX Baked Blush in Journey. Sometimes I just like to use this because the packaging is fun. Not to say I don’t love the blush; I do, and it makes me a little brighter than the BareMinerals shade of blush I’ve been using for quite a while.

Overall, loving everything, but I definitely want to practice/play with the liners more. If I master this liquid liner thing, everyone will hear about it for sure.

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