It All Starts with the Brushes

I’m so busy, as we all are, but I’m trying to add another thing to the mix of school and work. I feel like I need to be doing something else that will help my career before I finish my esthetics program because 1. it’s a good idea, and 2. it will make me feel like I’m moving even faster towards my goals. I’m starting to build my makeup kit guys! Obviously, I started with brushes. I had done some research and originally thought, oh I need some really nice, expensive brushes that will be a huge investment, and then I realized, no, there are high quality brushes that don’t cost a whole paycheck. So I ordered from Crown Brush, an awesome company that makes some great brushes and delivered mine two days after I ordered them.

Here are my first picks (because I know I’ll eventually order more and may even want duplicates of some):



As you can see, some of them have numbers on them, some don’t, but they are all within the Infinity and Syntho series, plus the brow brush on the left which is in the Italian Badger series. I literally searched through every series and set that they make (via this landing page), and ended up picking them one by one rather then ordering a set because I know I have exactly what I need (starting out at least!). They are SUPER soft and luxurious feeling, and I can’t wait to work with them more.

I’m also taking my phase one practical in a week, which means a hands-on test (where I perform an eyebrow wax, basic facial, and makeup application in front of my instructor) and a written test the following day. I’m definitely bringing my brush set to use on my model for the makeup application, so I want to play with them before the big day. Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “It All Starts with the Brushes

  1. Good luck with your practical! They can be nerve wracking, but just remember to breathe and remain confident. You know your stuff and you’ll do awesome!

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