My Three Variations on Easy Chicken

How convenient that I’ve made three different chicken dinners recently, after having made three different sausage-pasta dinners. This calls for a post! Now that I have little to no time to cook and eat, I try to eat less “empty filler” foods and stick to the necessary things, like protein and veggies. Ain’t nobody got time to waste on empty calories…or hours of cooking. The only problem I’ve run into is that I’ll start marinating chicken, and won’t get to actually cooking it until two days later. Is that really a problem?

I’m a huge lemon fan, and a citrus fan in general, so I’ve just been staying stocked on lemons and limes to flavor things. First up, we have some lemon and thyme chicken. TBH, I just saw that I had thyme and hoped that it would be okay on chicken with lemon. According to about three minutes of research, there is nothing recommending that pairing. Okay then! Either way, I just used a little EVOO, lemon juice from an actual lemon, salt and pepper, and later added the thyme, and that’s about it. I roasted the carrots with a little lemon juice too, and it was good! Does that sound weird on carrots? I don’t know.


Next up is an old stand-by I probably mentioned a few months ago. I love me some Wishbone Italian dressing ever since moving out and having to find my own marinade, and it’s the easiest thing ever. I’ve also been adding this simple spice mix that has red pepper flakes for a little extra something. Again, now that I’m typing it, they don’t sound like an especially good mix, but it was. I just like to throw stuff in. That veggie mix I made from fresh (not frozen) veggies is green peppers, broccoli, and carrots. (I’ve been loving green peppers now but sadly, I got awful heartburn when I ate this for dinner and ate the leftovers the next day.)


Last but not least (because this might have been my favorite) is the cilantro lime chicken. If it looks like I used a lot of cilantro, it’s because I did. My pico de gallo also has a lot of cilantro…I can’t help myself! Again some EVOO, lime juice from an actual lime, salt and pepper, and cilantro for the marinade. The wild rice was really good with the chicken, and I squeezed extra lime juice over everything before eating.


And now for a question. I don’t have a grill, and probably won’t get one this year. I’m getting less excited about this chicken in a pan thing, and would love some suggestions. I was thinking one of those grill pans, but are those much more of an improvement, aside from appearing to have grill marks? When I’m not using the community grills out by the pool (which is 98% of the time with my schedule), what else can I do to get some variety here?


Experimenting with Chicken


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