Getting to the Makeup

I’m halfway through week four of my Esthetician program, and we’ve gotten through most of the areas of the program (because the first part of the program is more about learning and practicing everything and then later it’s more about just practicing and taking clients). Yesterday we finally started makeup, and as I may or may not have emphasized earlier, makeup was a huge point of interest for me in the program and is a main area I’m pursuing career-wise.

Long story short, after these two days I feel like I already knew almost all of what we went over…from YouTube. Some people might react to that like, what are you talking about, and other people who watch makeup artists on YouTube will understand. Yes there are plenty of random people with no credentials who make YouTube videos about makeup, but there are also a lot of trained or self-taught, professional and experienced makeup artists making videos. So not only did I feel like okay, teach me something new, but I also hhhhhated the way people were doing makeup. The past two days of practicing, I’ve seen more clown makeup than I care to talk about. It’s so hard not to be like “Are you fricken kidding me? You just slapped that eyeshadow on with no regard to her eye shape and now she has a black eye.”

Someone did my makeup today and I’m not saying she was bad at makeup, because her makeup looks great, but when I looked at myself in the mirror I was like no. I immediately took it off because I felt so uncomfortable. The instructor and her instructor-in-training told me I’m just not used to the look she gave me, and that’s not true. She used mostly plums on me since I’m an “autumn,” and I’ve used plum colors since I started using makeup in high school. It wasn’t about the colors, it was about the technique (except for plum lips…that was about the color). Anyway, no need to go on and on about how much I hated it, but I’ll end it by saying I looked like a 12 year old who does her makeup for the first time, slash a weird doll, slash a street walker.

A week from today I start training for Aveda makeup. I’ll be able to take makeup appointments at work in addition to my position in guest services, so I’m hoping that’s a much better experience. I’ve heard a couple people say they don’t like Aveda makeup, so we’ll see how much I liked the products, but it will still be good experience regardless. Any makeup artists who also went through an esthetics program want to give me some reassurance? Because I don’t feel like I’m going to enjoy makeup quite as much in the program when I don’t agree with the instructor’s makeup guidelines…that is, if I have to follow it. For example I don’t like that their philosophy for turning a day look into a night look is just make the eye and lip darker. Yeah just throw a bold eye and a bold lip together and you got it. UGH.

I think the two important things I will get from school are more knowledge about picking the right colors for people with different skin, eye, and hair colors, and the practice of applying makeup on other people (as opposed to just myself). It doesn’t seem like their will be any emphasis on contouring besides adding a strip of dark powder under the cheek bone (really?) and especially not contouring for different face shapes and features. And apparently no one pays attention to brows (hello, that’s one of the most important parts to define!) /end rant

I think I just needed to get all of that out, because besides that, I’ve loved learning everything and my instructor is extremely knowledgable about skincare. I love giving facials and back treatments, and I get a lot of positive feedback on my technique. I’m not crazy about waxing at all, but that’s okay. I have high hopes for the remaining topics, which include body wraps, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.

It’s a crazy busy time with school and work, and having one or both seven days a week, but it’s only temporary. And as always, any personal experience or information from those who have been there is appreciated!

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