Esthetician in Training

Oh man…it’s the start of the second week in my esthetician program, guys. I need to get more of a routine down so I can get some homework time in and also get to bed at a decent time, in addition to all the other stuff I need to do, but that’s about to get even more challenging…because I’m starting a new job in two days!

Late last week I accepted a position at a really nice salon/spa near me, where I’ll primarily be working in guest services. In addition to the relief of knowing I’ll have some money coming in, I’m also super excited because they know I’m in an esthetician program with an interest in makeup, so they’ll be holding makeup classes for me to be able to do makeup applications as well. That should start in another week or two, so I’ll be getting some solid experience with makeup way earlier than expected! They also seem supportive of the possibility of me transitioning to an esthetician position once I’m licensed, and that’s a huge bonus as well. Kinda feels like everything’s falling into place…

In terms of the program, I feel like I learned so much in my first five days, and this week has already started off the same. It’s crazy to feel so excited in the morning about what I’m going to learn that day and what we’re going to do. I gave a hand and foot treatment on the first day, and I’ve already given three or four facials. It’s also extremely awesome that we get to experience all these things for ourselves too…and I’ll be getting my second facial tomorrow. Better skin, here I come (eventually).

The skin analysis we performed on everyone today, jeez was that a lot to take in. As we learned, everyone has their skin conditions and it’s rare to see someone come in with “normal” type skin that has no issues, but it was still a little rough hearing about the stuff I already knew PLUS what they can see with the Wood’s lamp (it looks like a blacklight and shows everything that’s going on with your skin, including things that are under the surface just waiting to show themselves). For the love of God, people, take care of your skin and always wear sunblock!

Anyway, it is way past grandma’s bedtime, so I’ll leave you with a picture of some amazing sangria I made over Memorial Day weekend (and maybe a post to follow with how I made it):IMG_4308

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