My Three Variations on Turkey Sausage Pasta

The sample lady got me. I ended up buying this turkey sausage sold at my usual grocery store, and made a few different variations of pasta with it that I thought I’d share.

I started by just adding it to some rotini and a chunky marinara (that I decided I didn’t like that much), and that was fine for a regular pasta and red sauce.


Then I found this recipe for a kind of creamy red sauce, which basically took what I had before and made it a little richer (and higher in fat); a little yummier.


Finally I just got some spices together (an Italian herb mix, salt, and pepper), tossed the sausage and pasta in some EVOO, and added some parmesan cheese. Yes. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a carb fiend, and although I cook a lot of other things for myself, there’s something about pasta with a little olive oil and cheese that just gets me.


Now I’m off to make dinner. Resisting the urge to get some water boiling…


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One thought on “My Three Variations on Turkey Sausage Pasta

  1. AgileWriter says:

    Try Easy recipe corny dogs..

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