Esthetician on the Way

Now that it’s only about a week away, I wanted to share some news that I’m suuuuuuuper excited about! This past Friday was my last day at the corporate job which sucked all happiness and satisfaction out of my life, so that’s step one of this new, thrilling chapter of my life. Step two was just inserted today, because I just got another job interview for tomorrow morning (yay!). But step three (drumroll please) is that next Monday is my first day in a full-time esthetician program!

I CANNOT wait. This has been about three-four months of having this idea, researching, planning, and also suffering through this job that I hated in order to save up as much money as I could. And now it’s finally here!! I’m looking forward to learning as much about skincare and makeup as possible, and to building a career that is what I want it to be, not what others want or what some people think it “should” be. It feels like I’m finally doing what I want to do for myself, for authentic reasons, and because I also know what I don’t want.

If I had planned this better I might have shared a few of the awesome blogs I started reading from people who already have the experience of going through an esthetician program, of being an esthetician and/or makeup artist, and of what you can do as a licensed esthetician or professional makeup artist for those who don’t fully know. But I’ll just say that reading about other people’s experiences and hearing encouragement from people in that arena (through the interwebs and in real life) has really fueled my inspiration and reassured me when I’ve encountered doubt (or general non-enthusiasm) from others.

A tiny bit of background. I have a BA in psychology and an MA in clinical counseling, that I worked for with the intention of getting my clinical license and eventually having my own private practice. I went a little Water for Elephants on everyone when I sat for the licensing exam (passed), and graduated and then ran away to join the circus (get a desk job). The difference is that I didn’t run away to a crazy circus job where I was able to transfer my veterinary skills, I ran away to a crazy circus job (actually two) where I was hating everything and not doing anything I wanted to. Anyway, I don’t want to focus on the negative side of things in this post; maybe at some point I’ll feel like explaining how I realized it wasn’t my dream to have a private practice, or talking about the various forms of criticism I’ve received and sexism I’ve encountered, etc., but let’s keep our eyes forward, shall we?

I cannot wait to connect with more people who are on their way to a career in this field or have a career in this field. I don’t know many people in real life who are pursuing the same thing, although it’s kind of funny that I often hear “oh my sister/friend/great-cousin-in-law does that!” when I tell people what I’m going to be doing. And I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to be doing yet, either.

Right now, based on my interests and zero professional experience, I’m about a 50/50 split between skincare and makeup. I see myself starting out in a salon or spa and also building a freelance makeup business on the side. I love the creativity involved in makeup artistry and I spend a lot of time watching some of the awesome makeup gurus on YouTube, but I also love focusing on the skin and how to keep it healthy. Plus I’ll be able to put my degrees to use in a way that is fulfilling to me. It’s win-win!

I’m just really pumped to put a lot of work into something that I’m passionate about. It seriously feels like a new chapter in my life of living more authentically and having a career that reflects who I am. That feels HUGE to me. I’ll definitely be sharing here, and maybe people will be interested the way I was when I was researching esthetics, or maybe I’ll just be creating a record for myself to read in the future. Either way is fine.

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2 thoughts on “Esthetician on the Way

  1. I am super excited for you! I went through pretty much this exact experience and if you have questions along the way…just hit me up. Best of luck to you!!

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