Out of Darkness Comes Light…or New Favorite Products

Alright guys, let’s get gross. I was sick recently, and it was the kind of cold where you just feel like a giant bucket of mucus. An ear, nose, and throat doctor would have had a field day on my ears, nose, and throat because they were all causing me pain. On top of it, I had “sick lips,” where my lips feel so dry and cracked and no matter how much Carmex I layer on or water I drink, it’s like there’s an invisible barrier that prevents any absorption.

I had to go to Target to pick up a couple things, one of them being a new little bottle of hand sanitizer to throw in my purse (inspired by constant nose drippings), and I was browsing their “travel size” section. I did not find a mini bottle of hand sanitizer, but what DID catch my eye was this little baby nugget of awesome:


*angels singing*

Something about this tiny, adorable package of lip balm caught my eye, plus the description of “soft, pink lips” alone made me feel soothed. Then there was a price tag under $2, and I was sold. Sweet relief was on it’s way!

And let me tell you, it didn’t take long. This stuff is pretty thick, as you can imagine from Vaseline, but it feels like once you put it on, it starts absorbing. With Carmex I can keep rubbing it around on my lips and they stay slick and “Carmexy.” Don’t get me wrong, Carmex was my go-to chapstick, but this was before I was shown the light. Or I showed myself the light. I stumbled across the light in a Target.

I had faith in this product right away, but the real test of chapstick/lip balm is the overnight test.*

*I interrupt this broadcast to notify you that I just realized Chapstick is only a brand name and not a general thing…like how BandAid is a brand name for adhesive bandages. Crap! In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve said things like “Carmex chapstick.” Okay, moving on…

So I layered this pink goodness on before bed the night I bought it, meth-lips and all, and I’m not kidding you, I woke up with better lips than I had even before I got sick. In fact, before I got sick I was like, I need to invest in some type of lip scrub to really get smooth, luscious lips. UNNECESSARY. Just go out and get it already, it’s a dollar and a half. A DOLLAR AND A HALF and all your lip dreams will come true.

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2 thoughts on “Out of Darkness Comes Light…or New Favorite Products

  1. I need to go get this. Like. Now.

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