I’m Back…with Chicken Rollatini

Oops…I got super busy, doing stuff. Nothing as sweet as posting here, but I’m back with a long-overdue recipe I’ve needed to share. I tried this Chicken Rollatini recipe from Skinny Taste, and I gotta say, I think my pictures are pretty close to hers. WTF is Chicken Rollatini you ask? Well as the original chef explains, it’s a cross between chicken parmigiana and spinach lasagna rolls… so flavor bombs of Italian-ness.

I’ve linked the recipe again here, but basically the party went down like this:

After I cut my chicken, made the breadcrumb, egg, and spinach mixtures, prepped the baking dish, and got the oven preheating,  I was ready to get to the fun part (because the fun hadn’t started when I accidentally dropped half the cooked spinach in the sink during the draining process and had to cook some replacement spinach).


The yummy spinach-cheese filling, once it was finally done.


My little assembly line.


Instead of buying thin chicken cutlets like you’re supposed to, I bought regular chicken breasts and had to slice them myself, so I had a variety of shapes and sizes. I thought it would be a disaster rolling these bad boys up and dipping them in the egg, then the breadcrumbs, but it actually wasn’t that hard to keep everything together.IMG_4134Pre-Oven I.


Post-Oven I, Pre-Oven II (because they get two rounds in the oven!)


I didn’t get a picture straight out of the oven on round two, but there’s a messy cross-section picture. I just used shredded mozzarella instead of the “ball” of mozzarella, so it doesn’t look QUITE as pretty, but I swear it was delish!

Honestly, if you feel like a project, go for it. My brain kept going “and how many steps are left until it’s done?”

I still got some satisfaction out of going through all these steps and successfully creating this at the end, despite some accidents, but if you’re looking for a quick, go-to recipe, this ain’t it! This is more like 90-minutes of cooking therapy, unless the therapeutic properties are ruined by some diabolical spinach. Did I forget to mention earlier that I started with a rock-hard frozen block of spinach and let it thaw and cook on the stove, in addition to dropping half of it in the sink and cooking another frozen chunk on the fly? But seriously, it’s time-consuming. Like once every-other-month-on-a-weekend time-consuming. Just thinking about doing this again makes me want to eat boxed macaroni and cheese. Or cereal. This recipe is the reason I lived off of spaghetti with plain marinara in college. Okay that’s a little much. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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