Comfort Food

When you’re in the middle of an uninspired, stressed-out, transitional phase, what else is there to do besides find enjoyment in/distract yourself with yummy things. (Yes, I’m still working out and no, I’m not pigging out constantly. Who does that? How dare you throw out such accusations, as if I’m mindlessly, emotionally-eating… OMG Girl Scout cookies, yes!) It’s all about finding positives in the little things, right?


An easy, satisfying meal I’ve started to make is marinated chicken, baked broccoli, and another side of either pasta or rice. The night before of morning of, I marinate some chicken in Italian dressing and some added spices. Come dinner time, I throw the chicken in a pan, and the pasta or rice in a pot. For the broccoli, I add some salt, pepper, and olive oil (and maybe some garlic or onion powder) to a baking sheet and throw that sucker in the oven. Boom, dinner accomplished.


When all else fails, nothing beats some comfort food made with love from mom.

And for the record,  I’m really not stuffing my face with food to deal with stress (though I’m also not judging if you do). But who doesn’t find some comfort in eating a good meal at the end of the day, or treating themselves to a couple Tagalong cookies (because those are one of the best, and if you say Thin Mint, get out)? You can’t ponder life’s questions with an empty stomach, that’s for sure.


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