Feeling Words

There needs to be a word for the feeling of having the sun in your eyes while driving tired. You’re already having to consciously focus on staying alert and then the sun is like, “Shhhh it’s okay, just close your heavy eyes.”

Cut it out sun, I need them open to drive.

“No no no, you close them.”

I’m not sure if the word should represent the feeling the driver gets of having to will the eyelids open under such weight or the personified sun’s feeling of wanting you to close your eyes. Is this a sun that innocently wants the people of Earth to get the rest they need without understanding the dangers of sleep-driving, or does the sun get some sick enjoyment out of lulling people to sleep and causing traffic accidents?

I like the idea of the sun having it’s own agenda, but you know, we can never have too many feeling-words for ourselves either. Especially in English; other cultures have gotten pretty creative with words like ennui and amok and schadenfreude and it seems like I’m missing out.

Is there a word for the feeling of “oh my god that word describes my feeling exactly in a way never done before”? Because I had that feeling while reading through this list of emotions for which the English language doesn’t have a word. I’m telling you, you’ll find at least one that will make you say, “THIS!”


Is there a word for when your cat is judging you but your desire to take her picture overwhelms the shame?

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