Easy Peasy Fried Rice & Life in the Lofthouse + The Pioneer Woman

This is a must-share. I love fried rice, and as always, I look for recipes that are relatively easy to make and don’t require ingredients that are too weird or expensive. By weird I mean those ingredients that I don’t have any other use for besides in that one recipe. I need transferable ingredients guys, makes me feel like I’m being efficient. I’m also on a budget, so there’s that.

Anyway, this fried rice recipe from Life in the Lofthouse is my stand-by now.

My notes:

  • My frozen veggies included green beans, as you’ll see below, and I tried to use extra veggies. I need to make a conscious effort to include vegetables in my diet because I tend to forget they exist outside of the lettuce and tomato I put on sammies
  • I added chicken to the recipe to make it more of a main entrée. The first time I made this, I didn’t realize that doing so would necessitate adding more soy sauce, so don’t forget that if you’re doing the same!
  • The link above also includes a recipe for baked sweet and sour chicken, which I haven’t tried yet and which looks amazing. Let me know if you try it!


I may halve the recipe sometimes, but I wouldn’t argue against doubling the recipe and then having leftovers all week. It’s fine.

Also, while we’re looking at Life in the Lofthouse, please click here for her recipe index and be amazed. So many yums. So much cooking to do. She even has an adaptation of The Pioneer Woman’s salsa recipe. Who’s The Pioneer Woman? Well for one, she has THE best salsa recipe. Don’t even. We have the same salsa philosophy. She also has a new cookbook (which I’ve perused and sampled via my mom, who bought it) that I don’t want to talk about. Okay I do, because it’s packed with deliciousness. Three words: buffalo chicken bites. Stop.

Now that I’m deep in thought about so many food items, I need to go. I’m just torturing myself.

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