Interruptions of Interwebs

I don’t know why, but losing my internet connection is incredibly infuriating. It probably shouldn’t elicit the level of frustration that it does, given that it’s completely a first world problem to sit here and complain about. To build a stronger footing here, I pay what feels like too much money for cable and internet, so when I can’t even use it for an extended amount of time, I visualize dollar bills floating away and disappearing down a sewer drain while I inconsolably cry.

First, because I’m paying for a service I’m not getting, and second, because I need the interwebs to do things like fill out tax forms and pay student loans (and post to this blog). If I only wanted to add to my Pinterest boards or browse Reddit, I could wait until the service outage[s] was[were] resolved, but my to-do list is unfortunately packed with tasks done on said interwebs.

Adulthood is apparently about learning how to deal with an unprecedented number of financial vacuums, and I think I’ll be working on the learning part for a while. You can only cut so many corners on service packages and generic-brand purchases before you have to accept that sometimes it’s worth it to pay a little more for quality. On the other hand, it’s also about finding whitening toothpaste on clearance and being excited by that. Gotta find joy in the little things.

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