Adjustment Period

It’s been two weeks since I moved out and I feel like I’m really sitting down for the first time tonight. This moment feels pretty good, but I have to admit, I’ve had some ups and downs lately. In general, I love having my own place now, but it’s been a nonstop process of having things to get done and keeping a running list of to-dos. I know the response many people have to this is that “it never ends,” and to some degree that’s true, but it should be dying down to the point where I have at least a little time for myself on most days.

Today was the first day since moving that I was able to get a workout in, and that probably had the most positive effect of anything I could do for myself. Working out can literally make me feel like I’m melting off stress and tension the harder I push myself. On the other hand, I need to make time for other feel-good things as well because pushing myself to go to the gym every single day can turn it into a burden (I actually did a whole post on this back in October).

It didn’t help that I moved right before Christmas and New Year’s, but I enjoyed the holidays. Plus, I moved my cat into my apartment with me after Christmas, and she’s been great company.


Pooky, pre-move.

She’s been adjusting to the move, and I know I still am too. For me, I think it’s about getting settled in and getting into a new routine now that the physical part of moving in is done. Part of that routine is working out a balance between taking care of responsibilities, doing things for myself, and making time for others, which I guess was a work in progress before moving anyway.

The responsibilities end of my three-sided scale has some more weight to it now, but I think it’s mostly for the good. I don’t have any Chef Mom meals to tweet out, but I’m already building up my own cooking skills. You may have seen one delicious experiment earlier this week, but fear not, there are more to come. Make way!

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