Welp, it’s a week after my move-in day and I’m back in my old bedroom at home, although now it’s pretty empty. I’m actually surprised how much I love being at my new apartment already, even though the last week has been a crazy process of getting things organized and walls painted and furniture set up. Still, there’s nowhere I’d rather be on Christmas Eve than at home. You know those picture frames and plaques that say “Home is where your mom is”? I think I’ll always feel that way.

I imagined that I would have fun pictures of boxes piled up or of things scattered everywhere to add to a post, but I don’t think I ever stopped long enough in the past week to take a picture. EXCEPT for one instance my first night there. The boyfriend had helped me move all day, started putting furniture together while I was unpacking, AND put together a nice little dinner for the two of us to eat on top of some boxes on the living room floor:


Yeah, he’s a keeper alright. Anyway, here we are on Christmas Eve, and I have one last gift to wrap. I also hear Elf on TV downstairs, so I think that’s my cue to rejoin the festivities.

Merry Christmas!

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