Wanna-Be Cat Lady


I swear my cat knows when something’s up. She regularly cuddles up to me to say hello or get attention, but I’ve noticed every time I’m really down or not feeling good, her Spidey senses activate and she comes right up and sits in my lap, or as close as possible. She really seems to know when I could use her company most, and I love waking up and seeing she never left my side.

I became sick with what I think was the stomach flu last night, and it’s like she’s been my little cat guard. I don’t know what the qualifications are to be a real cat lady, but I might be on my way, even though I just have Pooky (yes, it’s a Garfield reference).

Side note: Sometimes sick days end up being nice…and even needed, for purposes other than recovering from a complete loss of bodily fluids.


One thought on “Wanna-Be Cat Lady

  1. […] that I moved right before Christmas and New Year’s, but I enjoyed the holidays. Plus, I moved my cat into my apartment with me after Christmas, and she’s been great […]

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