This is Not about Black Friday.

With Black Friday shopping comes Black Friday horror stories, and with Black Friday horror stories comes commentary on the lack of “thanks-giving” that occurs on Thanksgiving nowadays.

I started seeing posts online about past years’ accidents, injuries, and unfortunately, deaths during the craziness of Black Friday, and wow, it can be infuriating to read about people being trampled or physically fighting over sale items. With some stores opening as early as 6pm on Thanksgiving, I don’t know how people have time to digest their turkey before braving overcrowded stores in search of a good deal. To be honest, I’ve never been shopping on Black Friday, although I did some early Cyber Monday shopping from the comfort of my bed and laptop last night.

But I really don’t want to read any more stories, listen to any more conversations, or spend any more time pondering the fate of humanity when there’s family time to be had. I know it’s outrageous that people may spend more time hunting down deals than thinking about how much they already have to appreciate. It’s a little crazier to spend so much time thinking about how crazy other people are. Let’s all just shut our traps and enjoy the holiday season, alright?!

Was that rude? I’m sorry, I’ve just been so worried about whether I’m going to get a new Polly Pocket for Christmas.

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