A Case of the Tuesdays.

For people who have school or work Monday through Friday, I’m guessing it’s accepted that Tuesday is just one day closer to Friday, therefore it’s slightly better than Monday. I thought I agreed with this line of reasoning.

What I’ve realized, in the past year or so, is that Tuesdays are the con-men of the week. They are the sneaky, ninja-like days that pose as less-threatening versions of Mondays. The reality, folks, is that they are the brick wall that hits you after you get past the speed-bump that is lunes

Monday is the messenger who gets shot. The intern who spills the coffee despite trying her best. She comes in, all apologetic and knowing that she’s ruining everything, and accepting that she’s going to take the blame. Monday is the scapegoat in this family of seven.

Tuesday is the creep who sits around the corner and watches Monday take the fall. No one really likes him that much either, but he gets to stay on the sidelines, laughing, and say, “man at least I’m not her!” when really he’s way worse.

Why? Because Mondays may be the first day to interrupt your weekend, but in my experience, it’s like everyone seems to use them as an excuse to not be up-to-par yet. It’s like the warm-up day. Tired? Cranky? Blame Monday. Make a silly mistake? That’s Monday for ya. It’s okay, you’ll get your head in the game soon enough.

BAM! – Tuesday comes and hey! You have six more things on your to-do list and 2 more meetings to add to the calendar, and did you still not reply to that email from Friday? Step it up already!

And here we are, Tuesday night, and all I wanted to do after work was curl up in bed. I really do find myself feeling more stressed out on Tuesdays, as if Monday I’m in denial and then Tuesday it sets in like, “yeah, this is happening, and it’s only the beginning…”

So I’m about to take my bad attitude and go to SleepyTown, population one, but before I do, a little grumpy cat for you.

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