Podcasts: Sharing is Caring

I’ve gotten so into podcasts in the past couple months. Almost a year ago, my brother introduced me to the first podcast I’d ever listened to, called My Brother, My Brother and Me. I ended up going into their archives for the old episodes and eventually listened to all of them (currently at 172).

I started really seeking out new podcasts after I started my current job around three months ago. Because I work in an office on a computer, I often require added stimulation to keep me focused on the glowing screens. Music isn’t enough, and I can get as into certain podcasts as I can a good book.

I thought I’d share a few that I think are consistently engaging, enlightening, and/or funny, because who doesn’t want to pack as much awesomeness in their life as possible?

MBMBAM: the brothers McElroy are hilarious, and the show is the three of them giving “expert” advice to people who send in life questions.

Comedy Bang Bang: host Scott Aukerman has multiple guests on each episode, often with one playing a character who interrupts the conversation of the others. Getting to know the recurring characters has been one of the best things about this podcast.

The Nerdist: Chris Hardwick interviews his entertainment-industry guests in a relaxed, conversational way that is sometimes funny and sometimes serious, but always intriguing.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour: the newest edition of my podcasts on rotation, with Paul Gilmartin interviewing guests from the entertainment industry who have experience with mental illness. It’s extremely interesting to listen to people’s stories and insights, with some humor included in a topic some might not think would have any.

I have some others I check out less frequently, but are definitely worth mentioning, like Stuff to Blow Your Mind and Freakonomics Radio. Anyone else listening to a great podcast you’d like to share?

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