I’m Scared.

Halloween is coming up (for people in North America and parts of Europe, according to Google), and I’m getting antsy to watch some scary movies. When I say scary movies, I mean the kind that little kids probably watch and say, “Are you serious?” because I can’t handle real scary. I used to looooove scaring the pants off myself when I was a kid, and would watch the scariest movies on television just because I apparently enjoyed torturing myself. Now, I still have nightmares about a specific character from a movie I haven’t seen in 10-15 years (I bet you’ll be able to figure out which one based on the list below).

Top Movies I Will Not Be Watching, Ever Again:

1) IT. NOPE. This is a legitimate phobia and movie I can’t deal with seeing. An ex-boyfriend brought it over to my apartment years ago, having never seen it, and didn’t understand why I was refusing to watch it. He ignored me and started it anyway, and about 30 seconds in I jumped under my covers and literally started crying. Emphasis on the EX-boyfriend.

2) The Exorcist. Seems cheesy enough with that devil voice and projectile vomit, but all I have to do is picture Linda Blair’s character crawling downstairs like a crab and I get goosebumps.

3) The Ring. Put some disturbing visuals in any movie and I’ll cringe. The “watching a VHS tape and dying” thing sounds silly I guess, but this movie definitely makes my top 3. The entire movie start to finish creeps me the hell out.

Other chart-toppers include: The Sixth Sense (actually walked out of the theater during this one and couldn’t watch it again until someone told me that Haley Joel Osment ends up trying to help the dead people), The Omen, Nightmare on Elm Street (I have vivid nightmares without being given any ideas like this, thankyouverymuch), The Shining, and probably many others I’m forgetting.

If you hadn’t noticed, none of the movies I mentioned include a killer chasing people or something more realistic, if that makes sense. That’s what creeps me out so much…I imagine actually being in the situation in the movie that would never happen and it’s way worse than thinking about having to run away from a murderer. Hey, the police can’t help you in your dreams. Or save you from Pennywise. Or exorcise your daughter. Or whatever.

UGH moving on!

You’ll be surprised to know I’ve been wanting to watch the Paranormal Activity movies because for some reason, I can deal with those. Even though the plot is centered on an idea that would normally be too creepy for me, the threat is vague enough and the storyline is interesting enough, especially across the series, that I always want to keep watching.

I was also a big fan of American Horror Story (the first season), and thought it was perfect, for many reasons. Last year I even carved Constance into a pumpkin, as you’ll see below. Anyone else have any favorite (or least favorite) scary movies and shows? I’ll take suggestions but no guarantee I’ll watch!


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