Review: Naked 2

Head’s up: this post is clearly directed towards males.

I thought the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette was new until I actually did some research and found out it’s been out for quite a while. It feels exciting and new to me though, so I’m sharing. I couldn’t bring myself to spend $50 on any makeup item myself, but it just so happens to be my birthday in a couple weeks and I received this early present:


I’m obsessed with the colors. I liked them initially but after I actually used them…impressed. They’re very pigmented, so you don’t need to use a lot, but they’re also very easy to blend and build on. Having had this whole week to use the palette in the morning before work, I can also say that the shadows will stay put through the day.


Rather than experiment myself first, I wanted some tips for the best color combinations and techniques with this palette specifically. Who else would I go to except all the lovely ladies of YouTube who make makeup tutorials? I did a basic search for the palette and used a different video each day.

These are my finds, all of which I ended up liking (some are more nighttime type looks that I went lighter on for work):

Monday: Probably involves the heaviest shadow

Tuesday : Described as an “Easy Elegant Eye” tutorial

Wednesday : Loved this one. One of the evening ones I need to try again on the weekend.

Thursday : Perfect easy look for work

Friday: This is the other one that tied for my favorite, but definitely have to try this smokey eye look on the weekend.

I’ve been all about finding the cheaper, drugstore version of high-end brands lately, but I couldn’t resist with the Naked 2 palette and know I’ll get all the use out of it I can. Any other awesome tutorials or techniques you want to share? Tell me!

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