It’s a salad.


I usually reserve my Twitter for the edibles (and the occasional retweet), but this salad required some extra discussion beyond 140 characters. I needed some protein after my workout last night (completed successfully and enthusiastically, yay!) but I have not been in the mood for making protein smoothies for a while now. I had some supplies that seemed like a good enough substitute though. The above plate contains: some fancy organic mixed greens, a couple ounces of seasoned chicken, a tablespoon or two of chopped pecans, a few cucumber slices, and a small amount of goat cheese (I was experimenting).

My confession is that I ended up dribbling some ranch dressing on this. It was really good, but obviously not a healthy choice for dressing. I hear so many good things about vinaigrettes, but I’m picky. I’m not a big salad eater to begin with either. Last Christmas, I did try an awesome champagne vinaigrette that I would definitely make my go-to dressing, but I haven’t had the same one since then. I don’t usually like balsamic, or the weird pear vinaigrette that’s in my fridge right now. Are all champagne vinaigrettes the same? Does anyone have any suggestions?


Stuck in Ranch Rut

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2 thoughts on “It’s a salad.

  1. Get out of the ranch rut lol… Bobby Flay anything thats my method 🙂 My favorite is honey mustard

    take 2 TBsp whole grain mustard, 2 TBsp Honey, 1/4 cup White Wine Vingar, 1 cup olive oil, salt and pepper and if you have an emulsion blender zzzzzoom it up lol delicious 🙂

    Love your salad!

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