Workout Plan Update – Week 3

Confession time.

Week 3 of my workout plan didn’t go so well. The plan is flexible, but my routine is to try to stick to the days of strength training they provide, with the cardio on two of the strength days and two of the off days, with one free day of the week. Let me explain.

Monday: I started out well and did the upper body strength routine that’s prescribed.

Tuesday: Oops. I was committed to a hair appointment after work because I had already rescheduled it twice, and planned on going to the gym after but that just didn’t happen. So I missed the lower body strength routine, and still hadn’t done any cardio.

Wednesday: It was my last week at my job so a few of my coworkers and I had an after-work date. It normally would have been just a cardio day, if everything had gone according to plan, but I should have done the lower body and the cardio to make up for Tuesday. Oops again.

Thursday: I worked out, but not according to the plan. I did a short circuit-type-of-thing with running and lunges. It was supposed to be an upper body day, but at least I did something. It was such a short workout that it still felt like it wasn’t successful, but my legs were sore the next day, so there’s that.

Friday: Supposed to be the lower body day but my legs were sore, and I also missed abs for the second time in the week. I don’t even know what my excuse was this day but I didn’t get to the gym. Ugh.

Saturday: I finally got my shit together and did Thursday’s upper body workout, plus cardio, although the cardio wasn’t as intense as it should have been because of leg pain. Bonus: I also went swimming. Oh yeah!

Sunday: Again, motivation kicked into gear and I got myself into the gym. I did some good cardio since my strength training days are (supposed to be) Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. Pre-treated my legs with some Biofreeze and warmed up on the bike before I did the intervals on the treadmill, and I was good to go. I did a ton of walking the rest of the day too since I was downtown with the boyfriend for the Taste of Chicago.

Which reminds me. I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that I’m a midwesterner. Not a city girl, but not a country girl, I think I’m doomed to the suburban life forever. Or just until I move to an island.

Anyway, I’m also reminded that I haven’t been great with my eating the past week either. It started with the 4th of July festivities and just continued with beer and going out to eat multiple times and just…all around fails. Even today would have been fine with all of the small, shared portions I ate at the Taste, while walking for hours, but then we got back and I ate a giant ice cream cone. Guilty guilty guilty.

Before I get too negative, today is the start of a new week to do better. Plus my mouth is still watering from some of the food I ate yesterday, the food I don’t even feel a smidgeon guilty about. (I’m assuming there are other cities that have something similar to the Taste of Chicago, where a ton of restaurants in the area set up camp together so you can buy tickets and try everything. If not, that’s what it is!) But now I’m off to hopefully get a good start to week four.

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