A Few Updates, and an Idiotic Bonus.

My moment has arrived!

No, I didn’t just get my period. A few posts ago I blabbed about some nonsense related to a big change. Well, the big change is actually happening and I. Am. PUMPED.

“What is it?” asks no one in particular.

Well, it’s a major upgrade in the job department, which I’m hesitant to label “career” because I don’t know what a career is at this point in my life. Hey, the average person changes careers six times in their life* so I’m not too worried. Anyway, I have one week left at my current workplace, and then I move on to an awesome opportunity that is all kinds of upgrades. Does Merchandising Assistant sound fancy to you? No? Okay… but I’m still excited, and I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced what they felt like was a sudden, very positive change in their career. Possibly something that you had hoped for, but didn’t really expect to happen right away. Tell me your stories!

I’m also continuing my workout plan. I’m about to start week 3, and I’m feeling pretty good. Even though it only has me strength training 4 days a week, I feel like I put more effort into those 4 days than I did when I attempted 5 or more. Maybe I should have used another way of gauging my progress besides going with the plan’s monthly increase in weights, but I also didn’t want to get too focused on things like the number on the scale or if I can see an ab majestically popping out. The interwebs makes me think I should take mirror pics on the daily to show my progress but I’m not feeling that either. Anyone have any other methods?

I also ran my 2nd official 5K today! Feels good to have another one under my belt I guess. And speaking of progress, I ran slightly slower than I did running the same 5K a year ago. I’m not disappointed though. I felt like I was really pushing myself during the run, and I was glad not to have any leg pain despite experiencing some the day before.** I think for the next one I’ll start training more in advance so my time creeps down past last year’s, which was 24:43, in case you were curious.

On a final note, to bring myself back down to Earth and this unintentionally-long post to an end, I screamed when I walked into the bathroom a little bit ago because thought a bug was about to attack me. Turns out the breeze from the door caused a (large) piece of lint to come flying at me. I was not injured.

Not 5 minutes later I look down and yelp because I see something darting towards my foot. Ended up being the same darn piece of fuzz from the previous attack. I threw that sucker in the garbage after that.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, GTFO.

*I think a professor of mine in graduate school said this once. I think it was six. Maybe.

**Somehow I get the sharp pains or numbness in my legs but my mother, who turned 50 this year by the way, gets her best time yet at this year’s run! So proud. And so scared she’s going to catch up to me.

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