Baby Bunnies!

Everyone loves baby animals. Everyone. So this rabbit was hanging around my front yard for a few days like he (as it turns out, she) was casing the joint.*


The last time I saw her she was sitting on a small mound of dirt that I assumed I just hadn’t noticed before, but shortly after I noticed it turned into this:


…which I thought was just the beginnings of a very elaborate underground tunnel where a secret society of rabbit folk would go about their business. Little did I know, she was just building a nest for these lovelies:


Ahhh shock of adorableness! Fuzzy little nuggets of newborn glory. The miracle of life and such. Let’s take a step back though, to when I was at work before seeing them and I get a text from mi madre that says, and I quote, “That bunny laid babies in that hole before the mowers came so now they are going to die in there” …cut to my mind’s eye which is picturing mutilated infant bunnies. Next text, “The mother isn’t going to come back after the home is messed with” …sobbing.

Long story short, I get home and see exactly the picture above in real life and tell my mother that they look just fine. Leaning over, I GENTLY touch one of the babies and feel that it’s warm and wriggly.** Then my mom throws up her hands and tells me that now the mother will reject them because my scent is on them. “You just slaughtered them.”

OKAY Captain Graphic. Let’s lead this ship back to shore because you’re deep in the Sea of Catastrophizing. Anywho, they ended up just fine and we’re pretty sure the mama rabbit came back early this morning and whisked them away, sensing my desires to adopt and raise them as my own.*** I will leave you with another awww-inducing picture of the 8+ babies that were all cuddled together in a nest of mama’s fur:


*Full disclosure: I learned the phrase “casing the joint” from a coworker and think it’s awesome.

**PETA people: I didn’t assault the babies. Google told me it was okay to feel if they’re warm.

***Again, PETA people: I wouldn’t actually do that; I know they wouldn’t survive that way.

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