My Current Workout Plan/My Gym Rant

So I’m in week one, day four of a new workout program,* courtesy of the boyfriend, that I’m feeling pretty motivated by.

Previously, I was just in a general routine of working certain muscles on certain days and accidentally noticing I could choose heavier weights at some times I didn’t keep track of, vaguely feeling a sense of progress, maybe. NOW, (does jazz-hands), I feel like I’m working towards something.

As my boyfriend has already noticed, I’m super stubborn with the way I workout. There are a few exercises/machines that frustrate me because I either look awkward, feel awkward, or have some semi-painful sensation in some joint or limb as a result of said exercise/machine. I also don’t like being forced to do certain very specific, no-substitutions-allowed exercises on designated days. For example: my gym is small and gets crowded, often at times when I have to be there, and if the one thing I need to do the exercise is taken, I immediately want to give up on the workout. In my current routine, there could be a couple ways to complete, say, lunges, so I don’t go into rage mode when a little gaggle of pre-pubescent boys are taking up the area in front of the weight rack.

I also don’t feel motivated by lifting weights that are too heavy for me and require a spotter to do half the work for me (gives dead-eye to boyfriend, who claims he’s barely helping). Yes, I should be struggling by the last reps, but I should be able to complete them without risking head trauma. I feel good about having the proper form and not trying to be Sally Strongman. Struggling from rep two on makes me want yell “FUCK YOU” to the gym at large and walk out crying like someone just stole my Tootsie-Pop at the playground.

I ALSO don’t appreciate routines that don’t allow for creating circuits. I hate that rest period in between sets of one exercise where you have enough time to look around awkwardly for 45 seconds and nothing else. Why am I on my phone all the time? So I can avoid conversations with people and/or pretend I don’t notice old man winter eye-balling me from a dark corner. Ideally, I’d do one set of each exercise, then repeat until all my sets are completed, but the gym doesn’t usually allow for that anyway.

Getting back to the current routine. Basically, it’s a 12-week plan split up into 4 week segments to get you stronger. It’s something I can stick to because while it has a schedule and routine, it’s not so rigid that I can’t work around it and I won’t end up quitting because of my previously listed set of demand-complaints. I’ll be at the gym anyway, and none of the exercises are new to me, but it’s forcing me to pay attention more and challenge myself to get stronger. The hard part is going to be making sure I do push myself and can step up the weights at each interval in the program. Probably gonna be pissed in the last 4 weeks of 4-6 rep weights. But it’s fine. I’ll update as I progress through this monster.

*If you ignore all the pictures of roided-out people, the product ads, and the science-y babble, I’m down like a clown with this plan. Scroll maybe a quarter of the way down just to see the strength and cardio plan, and the different ways to mix up the two in a schedule. I’m loving the new cardio interval training involved, and I haven’t had any lower-leg pain while running this way.**

**Speaking of running, I’m doing my second 5k in less than 2 weeks! Nothing fancy like the Color Run or Warrior Dash, but I’m hoping to beat last year’s time for the same 5k.

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8 thoughts on “My Current Workout Plan/My Gym Rant

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