Review: Neutrogena Makeup

I started using bareMinerals makeup sometime in high school, so it’s accurate to say I had been using it for almost 10 years until a couple weeks ago. Wow, I feel old. Anyway, I’ve gotten sucked into so many makeup videos on YouTube and seen how a lot of makeup brands have introduced better-for-your-skin products, and I started to consider trying something new. I liked bareMinerals products, but the foundation wasn’t doing my skin any favors (not that I expected any cover-up product to improve my skin), and at the end of the day, literally, it didn’t really hold up the way I’d like.

I wasn’t sold on anything until I found Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. There were so many super-positive reviews that I decided to give it a shot, and I was even more convinced when I tried it in the store. I basically put a little on my skin, walked around the store, looked back, and saw that it had blended in really well and I could barely tell it was even on. For $13, I grabbed a bottle and then also found an Eco Tools foundation brush for under $8.


It’s been two weeks and I love this makeup. I already feel like not only does it still look the same after 8+ hours, but my skin looks and feels better than it did two weeks ago. I’ll update if my skin suddenly breaks out in a rage of awfulness, but it’s only been improving so far.

Full disclosure, I also use e.l.f. Studio Duo Concealer/Highlighter (only $3, for a little pre-foundation touch up and highlighting), and bareMinerals Mineral Veil to keep the shininess at bay. I’ve had to use the little concealer tube less and less, but I think I’ll always need a powder at the end for the light reflector that is my face. I’ll definitely be looking for a cheaper replacement once I run out of the Mineral Veil, and I’m thinking of another Neutrogena or e.l.f. product for sure. But that’s a post for another time!

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